Documentation of series of performances acted by Madeline Carr and Molly Ward in PEER Gallery September 2018 as part of a group show 'Bound'.

The performances presented a series of scripted rehearsals of vocal exercises, some used commonly by actors, some verbatim-miming youtube videos, and some performing techniques self-taught by people who stutter to overcome blocks in everyday speech and fluency. The performances were acted out each time someone entered the gallery for the month-long duration of the show.

A listening event STUCCO ECHOES MOUTH, A TREMBLING OF THE FRAME was organised by Chris in tandem with the show, with a series of commissions of live and pre-recorded performances by Alexa Barrett, Anneke Kampman, Christof Migone, Jessa Mockridge, Amy Pettifer, Claire Potter, Norman H. Pritchard, Language Removal Projects, and Daniella Valz Gen.